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District 1 Community Accountability Network

District 1 Community Accountability Network's (D1 C.A.N.) mission is to combat the effects of gun violence by fostering connections via mentorship, dialogue, community accountability and other resources. 

D1 C.A.N. was established in 2016 and has since then grown to include influential partners such as VIP Mentoring, Black Family Development, Dad's PTA and D.L.I.V.E among others. 


In early 2018, D1 C.A.N. hosted student discussions at two Detroit Public Schools Community District high schools (Henry Ford and Communication Media Arts) surrounding the issue of gun violence. The insight gathered from the teens was used as the directional foundation for the first two D1 C.A.N. community forums, which were held in August and November 2018.

Additionally, over 30 volunteers have committed to the D1 C.A.N. mentor program for middle and high school students, in conjunction with VIP Mentoring. With VIP's support we are building the foundation for a mentorship program to groom the youth of District 1 to be positive leaders for the community. 

To learn more about D1 C.A.N. or get involved, please reach out to coordinator Yelena Ramautar

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