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Task Force On Black Male Engagement

The Task Force on Black Male Engagement (TFBME) was established by City Council Resolution in 2013 with one vision in mind, to ensure that every Black male would be mentally, spiritually and emotionally accountable leaders of their families and communities. For the past six years TFBME has grown in both volunteerism and reach. Since 2015, more than 850 men have lined the entrances of schools in District 1 to greet students and give words of encouragement during the well-received TFBME School Welcomes throughout each school year. 

TFBME recently expanded its efforts to include read along and career day events featuring doctors, professional athletes and entrepreneurs; as well as a partnership that teamed up task force members and student in refurbishing the exterior landscape area of a middle school. 

Currently, the TFBME has launched a campaign to encourage Black men to get out in vote during the 2020 election period. You can view our efforts by visiting the Facebook page and taking a look at the video below!  

Moving forward, the TFBME team will continue to support, encourage and embolden our youth to live lives of excellence knowing that the men of TFBME will be with them every step of the way.


For any questions regarding TFBME, please reach out to coordinator Aaron Hall at or visit the official Facebook page

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